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Absolute Balderdash


Balderdash is a hilarious bluffing game in which you try to con your opponents into believing your made-up definitions of: words, people, initials, films and laws. Itas the only game where you can score points and not know the right answer. This game is suitable for children from the age of 12 years old and is for 2 or more players.
Price: £24.97

Action Man Desert MTX


This Action Man desert mix requires a battle with the intense heat to track th X-robots across the desert. It includes action man and desert MTX with motor-rev sounds. Age range 4 years+.
Price: £20

Action Man Global Mission Action Figure


This Action Man is on a Global Mission! Dr Xas latest climate change devices are mobile a built in to the most dangerous x robots yet. Destroy the X-bots and then Dr X, before it's too late! Suitable for ages 4years+.
Price: £5

Action Man Scuba Patrol Action Figure


X has developed an aquatic robo with an on board climate change accelerator. Track it with the Action Man scuba patrols sled's GPS and blast it out of the water. The set includes action man with missile launching scuba sled and removable scuba mask.
Price: £5

Action Man Super Aerofoil Action Figure


This Action Man super aerofoil are climate change x-robots which have taken to the skies. Use the glider backpack to bring them back down to earth. Includes action man with backpack and flip out fabric wings. Age range 4 years+.
Price: £7.5

Action Science Electro Mag Magnetic Electronics Kit


This John Adams electro mags set is a unique electronics kit in which the pieces 'click' together. The 41 exciting experiments including trip wire alarms, lie detectors, moisture meters, light chasers and many more. Also contained is a 52 page instruction booklet which explains how basic circuits function work as well as providing easy to follow clear diagrams. Can be used with other magnetics kits.
Price: £14.98

Action Science Hot Wires Electronics Set


This John Adams Hot Wires is the ultimate in snap together electronics. Follow the easy instructions to make anything from a voice recorder, FM radio with automatic station selector and lie detector. Age range 8years+.
Price: £22.48

Action Science Robo-Bugs


These Robo-Bugs are fun, unique and educational. They come with 1 chassis, 3 transparent bodies and all the electronic circuits needed to build 3 different bugs. These bugs can be operated with any infrared TV remote control using 3 interchangeable bodies. Supports the National Curriculum. Requires 2xAA batteries (order 1x 203-6267). Age range 8yrs+.
Price: £9.98

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