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We love to show appreciation of our family and friends with a token of our affection, unfortunately, however, we often give unsuitable gifts. Ultimately it's the thought that counts. Vivo Touch was developed by London based husband and wife team as a green solution to saving thought, time, effort and money from being wasted, without feeling presumptuous or having to drop hints and ensuring surprise upon receipt.

Our vast gift list allows you to purchase a vast range of products at your leisure and manage your list from any PC. Friends and family, wherever they are in the world, have the opportunity to choose gifts from local retailers saving costly international shipping fees and with the guidance of insightful parents, children can also create Wish Lists of not just novelty ideas, but practical, educational and challenging gifts that will be reassuringly loved and long lasting.

What started out as a green solution to receiving unsuitable gifts for birthdays and Christmas has grown beyond our expectation in popularity with couples taking advantage of our flexible and limitless approach: 50% of our daily registrations are now referrals from friends. By listening to feedback we have implemented many enhancements to the service to provide an entirely bespoke solution for couples who have set up home before tying the know and already own essential household items. To avoid feeling rude asking for cash, you can give your guests the option to choose individual gifts or contribute towards more substantial ideas, such as honeymoons or home furnishings.

We pride ourselves on offering great customer service and continue to enhance the website's features in response to your comments. Please feel free to drop us a line and tell us what you think. Encourage family and friends to create their own lists too !

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