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Animal Hospital Safari Camp Hospital


This Safari Camp Hospital play set is the perfect location for the Animal Hospital vets to treat the animals! Includes treatment area, animals, sleeping bag and colour change accessories.
Price: £9.99

Animal Hospital Safari Families - Lion


Become an animal vet and go on safari to help rescue the wild animals! Your child will have hours of playtime fun helping the lion or elephant families with this Animal Hospital playset. Includes lots of cool animals and magic colour change accessories.
Price: £4.99

Animal Wooden Puzzle


An 8 piece wooden puzzle with lift out animal shaped pieces featuring a lion, elephant and more! This chunky liftout puzzle is durable, great fun and educational for your child.A great way to help pre-school children develop their object identification, manual dexterity and shape matching skills.
Price: £6.99

Anipalz Cat


Own your own virtual pet. You can play, feed and train your cat to do tricks! Featuring an iPod style touch sensitive screen for you to feed, play, shower and walk your cyber pet!       
Price: £2.99

Around The World Game


Travel around the world in a fun-packed race, learning about countries, continents and oceans as you play. An exciting learning board game which is great fun for your child and offers educational play too.Fun, easy-to-follow directions provide extra information and add excitement.Develops number recognition, counting and reading skills as included in the National Curriculum.Includes 1 sturdy game board, 4 counters, 1 dice and and easy-to follow instruction sheet.2 – 4 players
Price: £7.99

Baby Alive 13.5" Potty Training Doll


The realistic singing and talking baby doll encourages imaginative role-play for future mums-in-training! Feed her, help her use the potty and then put her down for a nap!Press the doll’s bracelet to wake her up. It’s time to eat! Mix her special food and feed her, using her bowl and spoon - she’ll really chew her food and even drink from her bottle. Put her on the potty or change her messy nappy and she’ll be happy once again. She reminds you to wipe her once she has bee
Price: £34.99

Baby Alive Better Now Baby


This cute Baby Alive doll gets 'all better' with your love and care. Make baby better, and see if she has a temperature by using the thermometer. Give her the medicine to make her better and give her drinks from her sippy cup! Change her nappy and she is all ready to play again!Doll comes with shirt, aspirator, medicine spoon, sippy cup, thermometer and two nappies.
Price: £24.49

Baby Annabell 4 Outfit Fashion Giftset


Your Baby Annabell will look cute and stylish in this great 4 outfit fashion set! This set includes clothing for all kinds of weather! Dress her up in this cute skirt and hooded sweatshirt to keep her warm, or in the cute pink dress. She can get cosy in this purple dress, pants and hat, and top everthing off in the denim style jacket! 
Price: £29.99

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