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24" Bull Dozer Broom with Handle


Durable and weatherproof with soft-grip handle, heavy duty bracket and stiff and soft bristles.
Price: £7.49

3 In 1 Floor Clean & Shine 1 x 5 Ltr


5Ltr. Advanced formula for quick, effective floor maintenance. Cleans, polishes and restores. Improves slip retardancy.
Price: £16.99

3M Sorbent DRSK DP Spill Kit


Cleans up small hazardous and non-hazardous liquid spills. Facility to dispose and latex gloves included. Each kit absorbs 1.5 litres.
Price: £16.49

3M Sorbent Multiformat Chemical Spill Control


Cleans up aggressive 'acid' and non-aggressive spills. Box absorbancy 39 litres.
Price: £89.98

3M Sorbent Multiformat Spill Control


Absorbs any type of non aggressive liquid spills. Box absorbancy 39 litres.
Price: £38

3M Stainless Steel Cleaner


600g. Cleans and polishes in one operation without leaving a greasy film. Works on stainless steel, chrome, architectural aluminium and other interior surfaces such as laminated plastics, enamel and ceramics.
Price: £8.16

Ant & Insect Killer Powder 500g


500g. Kills ants, cockroaches, wood lice and other insects. For home and garden use. Contains Bendiocarb. Always read the label. Use pesticides safely. HSE5810.
Price: £2.95

Ant Killer Gel Pack of 2


Fast acting, clean and simple. Destroys ants and their nests.
Price: £3.06

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