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Adjustable Hole Cutter with Cowl


Cowl comes with 2 cutters for increased cutting speed in wood plastic, plasterboard, aluminium, brass and acrylic sheets. 30mm max. depth in wood and plastic. Cowl reduces mess and risk of injury from debris.
Price: £39.92

Angled Drill Chuck 10mm


Fits into a 10mm chuck in the same way as a drill bit to make access to awkward places easier. Use with drill bits and wire brushes.
Price: £32.29

Annular Broaching Drill Cutters 3 Pieces


3 Piece Set. The perfect accessory for the magnetic drill, containing the 3 most popular cutter sizes. Specifications: 14mm, 18mm and 22mm Annular Cutters & Pilot Pin.
Price: £39.92

Arbor Pilot Drill For Holesaw


Gain access to wires and pipes under solid board floors in under a minute. Specially designed bi-metallic cutter, cuts rebate to allow solid removable plugs to lie flush with floor. Arbors include ground HSS pilot drill. Full instructions included. Use SDS Plus machine with hammer stop. Specifications: Pilot drill.
Price: £1.95

Armeg 10" Extension for Wood Beaver


250mm / 10" extension for Armeg WoodBeaver drill bits. Perfect for deep holes and awkward access drilling. Heat treated with ?" hex drive for 3 jaw chuck machines. Grub screw retention for easy diameter switching. Specifications: 250mm / 10" long with 1/4" drill holding capacity.
Price: £8.49

Armeg Complete Electricians Installation Kit


Everything you need for electrical installations. Now includes the new carbide tipped solid board cutter and improved EBS dust collection unit.
Price: £225.1

Armeg Core Drill Arbor


For use with diamond core drills to allow water to be pumped over work to remove debris and cool drill. 10mm shank.
Price: £41.1

Armeg Diamond Core Drill 117mm


For drilling hard porcelain tiles. Smooth, efficient drilling for a clean finish. Extremely long tool life. Crowns fully interchangeable and must be used in conjunction with arbor (Quote 28294). System must be used with Water Cooling Kit (Quote 39598) to increase drilling efficiency and reduce chance of tile breakage. Specifications: Crowns are fully interchangable and must be used in conjunction with arbor (Quote 28291). System must be used with water cooling kit (Quote 39598) to increase drilling efficency and reduce the chance of breakage.
Price: £169.99

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