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?" Brass Hose Tap Connector


Solid Brass. Compatible with main brands of both plastic and brass.
Price: £1.29

1000V Insulated VDE Screwdriver Set 7 Pc


7 Piece Set. Durable VDE Set made to professional standards for a long life. Insulated to 1000V.
Price: £9.38

12" Dovetail Jig


12'' (Allows both halves of joint to be cut at the same time guaranteeing a perfect fit. Quick action eccentric clamps with 300mm capacity. Adjustable back stop. Specifications: Includes ?" TCT 5/8" router cutter and guide.
Price: £44.91

2" Smoothing Plane


2" (50mm). Britain's most popular hand plane. Lever for lateral adjustment. Specifications: 9 3/4" long with 2" cutter.
Price: £24.99

3 in 1 Stud Sensor


Detects wood, metal, pipe, reinforcing bars and cables in wallboard.
Price: £13.99

3-In-One Professional Performance Tool Lubricant


250ml. 3-in-one professional tool lubricant suitable for all metals, vinyls, rubbers and most plastics. Moisture repellent. Provides long-lasting protection and corrosion resistance. Ideal for hedge trimmers, grass trimmers, circular saws and jigsaws.
Price: £4.45

3-In-One Professional Tool Cleaner 250ml


250ml. 3-in-one professional tool cleaner that quickly dissolves grease, dirt and grime from all parts of tools, chains and mechanical parts. Fast-drying, non-residue formula suitable for metal, rubber and plastics. Specifications: 250ml
Price: £2.69

3pce Bolster and Cold Chisel Set - Sumo


Most popular sizes with bi-material soft-grip guards.
Price: £21.2

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